Maintenance Programs

American Drain Maintenance Programs

American Drain Cleaning offers several maintenance programs to help prevent a major issue and water damage. These contracts are of no obligation to our customers but a way to help save money while spotting issues ahead of time and helping prevent major damage from a failing system. When signing a contract, American Drain is agreeing to make a reminder call of the maintenance due and set up an appointment during normal working hours. We do our very best to take care of our customers’ every need. This contract locks us into a lower price as long as the terms are agreed upon helping to save money. There is no additional fee for signing whatsoever and is of no obligation of the customer to sign.

Main line
Main line maintenance is offered at a discounted rate to help prevent a sewer back up the time to do maintenance is before a back up and one of our professionals can talk to you about how often you should snake your main line. American Drain Cleaning offers a maintenance contract of no obligation to the customer it is based on the principles of helping to save money and prevent back ups. We offer a $75.00 (plus tax) discount to do maintenance of sewers (of normal working conditions). This offer is only good during normal working hours and not under an emergency situation or while a line is already backed up. With this contract, you receive a phone call at the time maintenance is due to set up an appointment convenient for both parties to get the main line snaked out and help prevent future sewer back ups.

Water heaters
American drain offers a water heater maintenance program to help prevent future problems and help prevent flooding. As per most manufacturers recommendations, a water heater’s tank should be drained once a year to help prevent rust build up. Also all relief valves are supposed to be tested yearly. With this program, a service call of $125 (plus tax) is charged. The tank is drained, refilled and the outside inspected for any issues and relief valve tested. Any issues are brought up to the homeowner immediately. This program does not guarantee any water heater failures but helps to try and prevent them. As with our main line program there is no obligation and nothing paid unless the work is performed. You will receive a courtesy call upon the yearly date to check the water heater for an appointment to be made.

Sump pumps
We also offer a sump pump maintenance plan of either 6 months or a year. Our professional service technicians come out to your location, visually inspect the pump, test the pump with water and check the check valve to insure there is no flow back from the line as well as the float system. In this service we also check and battery backup systems that may be installed. A sump pump failure can cause a whole basement to be under water making a sump pump maintenance program just one step further to help prevent water damage. Nothing can guarantee a sump pump not to fail, but regular pump checks can help spot problems before they occur. The cost is $100 (plus tax) as a service call for the first pump and $50 (plus tax) for any additional pump.